¡Un mal respirador o un respirador mal usado, puede matar!

Otras iniciativas Opensource por el mundo

  • Coronavirus Tech HandbookThe Coronavirus Tech Handbook provides a space for technologists, civic organisations, public & private institutions, researchers and specialists of all kinds to collaborate on a rapid and sophisticated response to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent impacts. It is a quickly evolving resource with thousands of active expert contributors.

  • Open Source Ventilator. A website with different documentations related to the ventilators, the background, the demand in numbers, and existing designs (some of them open).

  • From Design to Mass 3D printing of Medical Shields in Three Days

  • Open covid19.The goal of the OpenCovid19 initiative as a program is to collectively develop open-source and low-cost tools and methodologies that are safe and easy to use to fight the Covid19 Pandemic. Anyone can play a role!

  • Crowd fight covid19.An initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19

  • Open Source mask.


  • Irish Scientists on call

Reespirator 23

Este es el prototipo del sistema ideado por el grupo de Coronavirus Makers Reesistencia Team, nuestra joya de la corona, equipo de trabajo que está diseñando los primeros respiradores autónomos totalmente Open Source. Está basados en los circuitos para anestesia Jackson Rees en vez de los Ambu, por las ventajas de duración que ofrece el primero.